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Transmission Line Topology Calculation



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The key paper describing the algorithm for solving transmission line networks in TransmissionLineTopCalc is Modeling and Analysis of Transmission Line Networks (pdf).

The modeling of plane wave propagation including plasmas is described in the paper: Computer Modeling and Analysis of Plane Wave Propagation Through Plasmas.

TransmissionLineTopCalc has been used to model the digital subscriber loop, power transmission lines, and the modeling of high speed signal propagation in PC Boards.

TransmissionLineTopCalc was used in the following research for modeling the heat shield tile system and the plasma that develops in re-entry:

Detection of target distance in the presence of an interfering reflection using a frequency-stepped double side-band suppressed carrier microwave radar system, Ybarra, G.A.; Ardalan, S.H.; Hearn, C.P.; Marshall, R.E.; Neece, R.T., Microwave Theory and Techniques, IEEE Transactions on, Volume 39,  Issue 5,  May 1991 Page(s):809 – 818




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